How to Choose Porcelain Tile Flooring

All Our Floors Are Eco-Friendly

Tile is a unique flooring solution for many homeowners who want a high quality and elegant house. With a range of looks, sizes and features, every room is suited to tile flooring. Miami Floor and Design carries a wide range of tile floors reflecting the latest fashion trends in interior design in addition to traditional options.

Miami porcelain tile floors are durable and practical while adding a sophisticated look to home décor. The newest tile manufacturing techniques have produced a variety of looks beyond the traditional marble look. Homeowners can choose flooring designed to look like cement, metals, wood and even a fabric type look. You can indulge in a bit of wistful decorating with whimsical tile arrangements or select your tile floor to coordinate with appliances, furnishing or overall decorating styles.

The old hum-drum cookie cutter look isn’t what you want for your home. We know that you place a premium on individual style and quality, at a good value. Your home’s flooring is a reflection of your style and can set the groundwork for the whole house. Whether you choose to make a dramatic statement or pick a neutral floor as a base for a colorful decorating scheme, we have the perfect tile for your every need. A visit to our showroom reveals a wide selection of porcelain tile miami and from around the world and ideas for how you can use tiles in your home. If you want your home to have tile flooring, Miami Floor and Design should be your choice for new floors.

Tile is a practical flooring solution for every family lifestyle. Durability, versatility and good value make tile flooring a good option for your home. Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward and the selection is wide, so you can be assured of finding the right match for any home décor. Our interior design professionals will be glad to help you in choosing tile for each room to complement and set off your home’s beauty.

We are experts at installing floors with special training in handling marble, stone and tiles; you’re sure to be satisfied with the finished product. Dependable and competent workmanship, with a superior customer service team, is all part of the service we offer to customers who come to Miami Floor and Design. We have collected many customer success stories which showcase our services and will assure you of our reliability. Your house is too valuable to place in the hands of anyone less than expert in design solutions as well as home installation. Your home is your investment and the center of your family activities so we want you to choose flooring carefully. And, we promise to provide you with a superior product.

If the decorating choice for your home floors is tile flooring, Miami Flooring and Design should be your destination. We have a reputation for quality materials, trained and reliable installers, and a professional interior design team. Let us show you our selection of tiles, in many different sizes, styles and colors to coordinate with your home décor today.

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